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Well, here’s the wiki. I’ll be putting in information about various areas and stuffs. But I’m only including information that your characters would be likely to know, so you won’t have in-depth information on various elven holidays if you live in Ivorshor (which is where you will be starting). I’m going to add the maps after I draw them, which will be helpful in your understanding of the area.

The city you live in is Ivorshor, a city that is nearish to Violet Brook, and is within the Blutole Valley. North of you is Valby Lake, which Violet Brook runs out of. p.

The map is massive, and between every city are a few to several smaller towns. Small towns are rarely found off the roads. Although I have not yet added the roads to the map on this wiki, a map with the roads will be added soon. It is at least a week’s travel between most cities, and to gain a general idea of the mileage, it is five hundred and fifty miles between Ivorshor and Kroaten. The towns in between the cities are generally protected by the cities in exchange for food, because the towns are often just small centers surrounded by farmland. The cities in the forest and the mountains do not have smaller towns surrounding them. Those cities were designed years ago by elves. The ones in the mountains were created by the dwarves. Although the mountain cities are surrounded by ledged farms, they are controlled by the cities and not towns.

If you click on the links from there, you will get more information. Have fun learning about the campaign :-)

Main Page

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